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Herding is a fascinating and enjoyable challenge. Few activities offer the variety of situations
and the opportunity for real teamwork between handler and dog that are a part of herding. The
herding dog must cooperate with the handler, yet use its own initiative and judgment. It must be
able to work with gentleness, yet show strength in facing up to a stubborn animal. The
background of the Collie is that of an adaptable, level-headed all-rounder. Collies are capable of
being keen herders while remaining sensible, flexible family companions, whether as working
dogs on a ranch or farm or helping out a suburban owner who keeps a few sheep, goats, or
ducks as a hobby.

Participation in herding helps preserve the special heritage of the Collie and opens up new
opportunities for owner and dog. The qualities that make a good herding dog -- trainability,
adaptability, loyalty, soundness of body and character, agility, grace -- are important in many
areas, and contribute so much toward making the dog an outstanding companion as well.

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