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Crate Training - coming soon

Our puppies will be recieving the
Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test
on day 49.

PupQuest A guide for you on your quest
for a happy, healthy puppy from a
responsible source!

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM
vaccine protocol

The Puppy Dog Place - A puppy care
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Puppies Born 2/7/2011
CH. Tartanside Birthright x Tartanside Cadence

2 sable girls, 5 sable boys
6 weeks old
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Puppy Guarantee/Eye Checks:

Our puppies’ eyes will be checked by a board certified canine ophthalmologist.  Additionally,
all puppies will have been vaccinated at least once, and possibly twice, depending on the age
of the puppy.   All puppies will have had a complete examination by a veterinarian.  Puppies
will have received appropriate age-related deworming medicine. 

AKC Limited Registration:

All of our pet/companion puppies will be sold under the AKC Limited Registration.  Under the
AKC Limited Registration, your puppy will be eligible for all AKC performance events and
competitions. In conjunction with the AKC Limited Registration, your puppy will be sold with
spay/neuter contracts. Your puppy will not be eligible for the conformation ring, nor will there
be breeding rights.




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